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All raw honey is the work of honeybees. It consists of a complex combination of natural sugars, pollens, enzymes, amino acids, anti- oxidants, and minerals. Each variety of honey has a unique combination of these substances, depending on the floral source of the nectar gathered by the bees. Varietal honey can vary from almost clear to dark amber, depending on the relative amounts of these contents. Lighter honey, like sweet clover honey, tends to have a mild flavor while darker honey, like buckwheat honey, is more robust.


Little Apiary bees gather nectar from a wide variety of floral sources with the bulk of our honey coming from basswood and clovers. Both are considered mild tasting, but basswood honey has a unique tangy aftertaste. The light-tasting mix of these honeys the Little Apiary calls SummerLite Honey.


On occasion The Little Apiary produces more robust honey sourced from organic buckwheat fields and fall wildflowers. This robust mix the Little Apiary calls Fall Flowers Honey


When the winter winds begin to blow most honey begins to crystallize. The Little Apiary guides this natural process by grinding coarsely crystallized honey with a mortar and pestle and mixing this with honey warmed to ~95F degrees. The outcome is a smooth, spreadable, and delightful honey The Little Apiary calls “Snowflake”. 



SummerLite Honey

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Fall Flowers Honey

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